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Optical TV - Satellite Fullband Stacking LNB, Triax TWL01

Item Code : TWL 01

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Triax™   Optical Fibre TV - Full Band LNB

Triax - Optical TV - Satellite Fullband Stacking LNB, Triax TWL01

Item Code: TWL 01

Brand: Triax

Manufacturer: Triax


TRIAX TWL 01 Stacking LNB

The TWL01 LNB, a part of the TOU232-Kit, constantly receives all 4 Ku-Band polarities, and uses a frequency stacking technique to put all four SAT-IF polarities into one large broadband frequency range of 950 to 5450 MHz. This signal is transmitted via a High Quality RF-cable TUC xx to an external optical transmittier unit TOU 232 SA (called a Sidecar). The lengths of the TUC coaxial cable between the two components should not be more than 10 m.


EAN Number 5702663076129
LNB type Opto
Feedhorn diameter 40 mm
Reception frequency range 10,7 - 12,75 GHz
Reception polarization horizontal & vertical
SAT-IF range, full stacked on coax output 0.95 - 5.450 GHz
SAT-IF vertical band, stacked VL + VH 0.950 - 3.0 GHz
SAT-IF horizontal band, stacked HL + HH 3.4 - 5.45 GHz
L.O. frequency, vertical 9.75 GHz
L.O. frequency, horisontal 7.3 GHz
Image frequency rejection (min.) 40 dB
Spurious in SAT-IF band -25 dBc
Gain 62 - 72 dB
Noise figure (typical) 0.5 dB
Cross polar isolation (typ.) 30 dB
DC Current consumption < 450 mA
Temperature - operating -30 to +60 °C
Temperature - storage -40 to +70 °C
Connector IN N-connector 50 Ohm
Connector power supply N, through SAT-IF output
Packaging Height 0,075 m
Packaging Width 0,108 m
Packaging Depth 0,177 m
Packaging Volume 0,001 m3
Net Weight 0,434 kg
Tara Weight 0,044 kg
Total Weight 0,478 kg
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