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Optical TV - LNB + Satellite / Terrestrial Optical Transmitter , Triax TOU232

Item Code : F101720

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Global Invacom™   Optical Fibre TV, LNB - Optical Transmitter Component

Global Invacom - Optical TV - LNB + Satellite / Terrestrial Optical Transmitter , Triax TOU232

Item Code: F101720

Brand: Global Invacom

Manufacturer: Global Invacom


The GI - FibreIRS®-ODU32 KIT contains, Wholeband LNB, FibreIRS® ODU32, 2m HF Interconnect cable, PSU, weather proof boots for the FC/PC connections.

Fully weatherproof, the ODU32 is designed for mounting at the antenna location. It accepts and combines signals from the Wholeband LNB and digital terrestrial antennae (DTT/DAB/FM) which then modulates a laser inside the ODU32. Two optical outputs (FC/PC) are provided for distribution through a Passive Optical Network (PON) of FibreIRS Optical Splitters. Each output of the ODU32 can feed a PON of 32 points or with reduced splits support a reach of 10km. Different FibreIRS GTU’s can be connected at any point (Quad, Quatro & DTT/DAB/FM available).


  • Combines Wholeband LNB & DTT/DAB/FM signals
  • Distributes signals to 64 outlets via two 32 way PONs
  • Fully weatherproof (IP65)
  • PSU, mast strap & mounting bracket included
  • 10Km reach, subject to PON losses.


Product Name ODU32 F101938
ODU32 Kit F101720
Satellite RF frequency Vertical polarisation (V pol) 0.95-3.0GHz
Horizontal polarisation (H pol) 3.4-5.45GHz
Nominal impedance 50ohm
Return loss 9dB
Gain variation across : V pol 4dB
Gain variation across : H pol
H pol has a 3dB upward slope
Terrestrial RF frequency DTT 470-862MHz
DAB 174-240MHz
FM 88-108MHz
Nominal impedance 75ohm
Return loss 10dB
Input Power
DAB power levels need to be set 12dB below DTT,
FM power level needs to be same as DTT
67dBµV - 97dBµV
DTT Input recommended
for 6 multiplexes
Gain variation across band 4dB
Noise figure @ max gain 10dB
950-2150MHz rejection 15dB
Laser Specification FM.DAB,DTT and Satellite (Optical)
Laser optical wavelength 1310nm±20
Laser optical power 6.5dBm - 7.5dBm
DC Specification Input voltage 12V to 20v
LNB supply voltage
Fed through satellite input
6.2V +-0.2V
Terrestrial supply voltage
Output from terrestrial port
11.5V +-0.5V
Max. terrestrial supply current <80mA
Current consumption
including Wholeband LNB
Connectors Satellite input N
DTT/DAB/FM input F
Power supply F
Environmental Operating temperature -10 to 50°C
Optical cable Single Mode
Standared GI - approved G657a
Dimensions Size 140 x 145 x 30mm
Weight 300g
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