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Audio Amplifier RM

Item Code : AA RM-120W

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adastra™   Mono Mixer with both Low & High impedance power Amplifier

adastra - Audio Amplifier RM

Item Code: Audio Amplifier RM

Brand: adastra

Manufacturer: adastra


These rack-mountable 5-channel mixer amplifiers are intended for commercial installations.

The 5 input channels are of :-

  • one XLR Microphone input with line power, a
  • second input of Microphone or Line In, a
  • third input of Microphone or Line In, a
  • forth input of Line In and a
  • fifth channel of intigrated Media player or Line Input.

The Media Player has inbuilt FM radio tuner, front-mounted SD and USB ports, and Bluetooth connectivity, all controlled via the integrated media player for hassle-free playback. 

A switchable ‘voiceover’ feature that automatically lowers the background music volume when a signal is detected via microphone input 1.

The Amplifier has a Single Mono Output Channel of  powers of 60 Watts RMS , 120 Watts RMS, 240 Watts RMS or 360 Watts RMS. Power can be delivered to a 100 Volt Line Speaker system or an 8 ohm Speaker System.

The 240Watt and 360Watt option amplifiers also includes an exclusively to 100 Volt Loud Speaker system a 4 way 100 Volt Loudspeaker switch.

We offer in store demonstration of this item.

Main Fetures

  • 2U 19" rack mountable (rack ears supplied)
  • XLR input with switchable +20V phantom power – ideal for condenser microphones and paging microphones with chimes
  • 2 x mic/line inputs, 2 x RCA line inputs, and 1 x RCA line output
  • Switchable ‘voiceover’ feature
  • Inbuilt media player with SD, USB and Bluetooth inputs and integrated FM radio tuner
  • 100V line or 8 ohm speaker output
  • Option for mains or 24Vdc power


Power supply 110/240Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC) or
DC Power 24Vdc (screw terminals)
Inputs 1 x Mic XLR, 2 x mic/line jack, 2 x RCA line
Input sensitivity : mic 1 (balanced) -53dBV
Input impedance : mic 1 5K ohm
Input sensitivity : line (unbalanced) -15dBV (-18.5dBV line 5)
Input impedance : inputs 2-5 1K ohm
Line output RCA
1.6 Kg
Controls Mic1, mic/line2+3, line4+5, bass, treble, master volume
Equalizer : bass 100Hz +-10dB
Equalizer : treble 10KHz +-10dB
Rear panel switches Phantom, Vox, Mic/Line (2 + 3)
Phantom power +20Volt (mic 1 input)
Audio source Media Player for USB/SD player, FM tuner and Bluetooth receiver
Bluetooth version 2.0
THD <1.0%
Dimensions 433 x 320 x 89mm
Dowload Instruction manual
60 Watt Option
EAN Number 5015972176481
Weight 60 Watt Option 5.98K gram
Rear View of AA RM-60W
120 Watt Option
EAN Number 5015972176504
Weight 120 Watt Option 8.36K gram
Rear View of AA RM-120W
240 Watt Option
EAN Number 5015972176528
Weight 240 Watt Option 9.62K gram
Output 240 Watt option 4 way Output Switch On/Off only for 100Volt Loud Speaker System
Rear View of AA RM-240W
360 Watt Option
EAN Number 5015972191644
Weight 360 Watt Option 12.68K gram
Output 360 Watt option 4 way Output Switch On/Off only for 100Volt Loud Speaker System
Rear View of AA RM-360W

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