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100 Volt Line Transformer 2-30W

Item Code : T100-30W adastra

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adastra™   100V Line Transformer

adastra - 100 Volt Line Transformer 2-30W

Item Code: T100-30W adastra

Brand: adastra

Manufacturer: adastra


This 100V line matching transformer has taps of 1.9, 3.75, 7.5, 15 and 30Watt. This Transformer is used to convert low impedance speakers of 8 or 16 ohms and allow these Low Impedance Loud Speakers to be used in 100V PA (Public Address) installations where long runs of cable are used.


Mounting centres: xx
Tappings: 1.9, 3.75, 7.5, 15, 30Watt/td>
Impedance : 100V: 5.26K, 2.66K, 1.33K, 660, 330 ohm
Dimensions: 91 x 57 x 57mm
Weight: 805g

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